SOAPware Optional Services

The services on this page are offered to our users as a way to further enhance office productivity by automating processes that would otherwise be the responsibility of the user. Everything from backing up and protecting your valuable data to entire hosting solutions where you log in and work with no hardware hassles or concerns.

Training Services

SOAPware's Implementation and Training Group brings decades of experience to the table, helping providers successfully implement and utilize the SOAPware EMR and Practice Management system through the following training options:
• Hourly Remote Training
SOAPware offers hourly remote training sessions which are tailored around the topic or material of your choice. Whether you’re looking for a quick overview of software features, a detailed instruction on Meaningful Use, or simply have a question that begins How do I…, these focused online lessons are designed to meet the specific training needs of your clinic. 
• Clinical Workshops
Comprehensive 2-day workshops provide a practical introduction to SOAPware 2012, from application features and functions to step-by-step instruction on proper Meaningful Use documentation. Our skilled training professionals combine direct instruction with hands-on exercises, ensuring maximum comprehension and retention. 
SOAPware training includes access to the SOAPware Learning Center, User Manuals, Training and Implementation Staff.

Support Services

The EMR system is the heart of the practice, and we understand the importance of having support available when you need it. Our Technical Support Team can help ensure your experience is smooth and trouble-free. For convenience purposes, the first year of remote Support and Software Updates is included complimentary in your purchase. After the first year, an optional renewal ensures you continue to receive support and updates when needed.

Backup Services

The single most important commitment users must consider is the integrity of the patient database; daily backups are mandatory to protect your practice. The ability to create these backups is a core feature of our software, but many users still prefer to streamline and automate this responsibility by subscribing to the Offsite Backup Service.

This service automatically makes nightly backups of your SOAPware database to a secure data center housed inside the SOAPware Corporate Lodge. If a situation arises requiring the use of a backup, the user simply contacts SOAPware Support who will handle everything from that point on.

Rest assured with peace of mind that your patient data is safe and secure by subscribing to the Offsite Backup Service.

Hosting Services

It is widely known that a major obstacle preventing adoption of EMR systems is the costs related to licensing, hardware, network, and maintenance of the system. For many smaller offices, these costs can put an EMR system out of reach.

The SOAPware Hosting Service provides a solution to this problem by giving providers the ability to use EMR without having to purchase licenses, acquire costly workstations, servers, and networking, and worry about paying IT professionals to maintain the whole system.

The Hosting Service takes most of the complexity and associated costs off of your hands by hosting your entire system on a remote server. This allows users to access the system from nearly any computer with an internet connection - even computers at home or the hospital. With this service everything is handled for you, from backups and updates, to installation and maintenance - freeing your time and effort to focus on what really matters: practicing medicine.

Pricing starts as low as $250/month for a hosted CCHIT-Certified SOAPware Professional system.

SOAPware 2011 & 2012 is Certified for Meaningful Use by CCHIT as of 1/14/2011 | Certification Number: CC-1112-565910-1