Optional Enhancements

The modular enhancements listed below provide the ability to truly revolutionize office workflow by providing interconnectivity to a variety of different systems.

PM/Billing Exchange Interface

Establish a bidirectional interface with many popular billing/PM systems via the SOAPwareXchange module using X-Link technology. This interface will automate the creation of patient charts in SOAPware and automatically populate their demographic and insurance information into the chart. Some billing/PM systems also support automatic transfer of the super bill from the chart back to the billing system, further streamlining the process.

HL7 Lab Interface

Establish a direct interface to automatically receive lab, pathology, radiology, even transcription reports and have them automatically filed into the patient's chart in SOAPware with the powerful SOAPwareXchangeHL7 Interface Module. The module reads the demographic information in the report, finds the matching chart in SOAPware, transfers the report and notifies the provider all automatically.

SOAPware Faxing Service 

Faxing from SOAPware provides users the ability to fax outbound reports directly from SOAPware with the click of a button and no paper or manual setup required. This service transmits the fax on-line. For inbound faxing, we can recommend several inexpensive, third party programs that work well with SOAPware.

SOAPware DocuPortal

Quickly and easily process your outside documents and office communications with SOAPware Docu-Portal. With this powerful EMR module you can send, receive and track faxes and emails; migrate content into existing charts; print documents to an online portal; and share files securely in a variety of formats. With advanced features like secure messaging, PDF generation and scanned document uploads, Docu-Portal can help your practice quickly address Meaningful Use requirements regarding the exchange of patient records. This easy-to-use, affordable tool has the familiar feel of standard document management system, and is conveniently accessed directly from your desktop through most popular internet browsers.

Clinical Knowledge Libraries

This module brings together the MDConsult and FirstConsult medical databases into an easy to use knowledge library that allows instant point-and-click access to a wealth of medical information. This knowledge library in maintained by ElSevier, a world-leading provider of information, and empowers physicians to make better treatment decisions and do away with the cumbersome paper reference materials of the past.

SOAPware 2011 & 2012 is Certified for Meaningful Use by CCHIT as of 1/14/2011 | Certification Number: CC-1112-565910-1