SOAPware Clinical Suite. An ONC-ATCB Certified EMR Solution.

SOAPware Clinical Suite combines the power of SOAPware Professional EMR with the enhanced features of our Practice Management software, providing you with a complete all-in-one EHR solution. This powerful tool addresses all your billing, clinical and front & back office needs, streamlining your procedures and making double work a thing of the past. With SOAPware Clinical Suite, you can quickly track patient charges and payments; pull visit codes from clinical note documentation and place them directly into charge screens and claims; easily scrub, edit and build claims to be passed through the clearinghouse Gateway EDI; view the status of patient accounts from within your SOAPware system; and much more. Simplify your practice and your life with SOAPware Clinical Suite..


Detailed PM Core Features Chart

CPT, HCPCS, and ICD codes come prepopulated and updated by SOAPware

Custom Charges:
Create custom codes and charges to a super bill.

Fee Schedules:
Multiple fee schedules can be created via manual entry or based on a % of another fee schedule.

Schedule appointments for multiple providers and resources. Setup schedule templating (outlining) to guide where appointments should be scheduled.

Apply payments across multiple accounts from 1 screen. Easily collect co-pays at check-in. Store pre-payment on patient accounts to be disbursed at the time of future appointments.

Posting Charges:
Utilize the fully integrated EMR/PM system and do not hassle with having to double enter visit charges.

Support ANSI X12 837P claim file. Submission of electronic claims sent through the clearinghouse Gateway EDI.

Send out group statements by Group, Patient, Guarantor, Patient Name Range and based on a Minimum Balance.  

Basic Reporting, including Production by Procedure, Payment Summary, A/R Patient and A/R Carrier Reports, End of Day, Month, and Year, etc.

Audit Logging and Security:
Detailed audit trail of activity by Date, User, Location, IP Address, Section and Patient

Coming Soon** 

5010 Claim Format
Integrated Eligibility Checking
Enhanced Patient Notes and Alerts
Statement Integration with Gateway EDI
Autoposting of Insurance Payments/Remittance


Detailed Core EMR Features Chart

Professional Scheduling:
Fully featured scheduling allows you to schedule across multiple facilities, export schedule reports, use advanced appointment finding, and create and schedule custom resources.

Intelligent E&M Coding:
A built-in coding wizard follows along while documenting the encounter and offers suggestions to increase the level of service for the visit.

Patient Research Tools:
Build and save all types of research reports to automatically generate useful information from your patient database.

Device Integrations:
Results transfer directly from Welch-Allyn Vitals machines and IQMark, Midmark, and Brentwood Holter, Spirometry, and EKG devices into the patient chart.

Instant Medical History Integration:
Enable input into SOAPware directly from Instant Medical History by Primetime Medical, allowing patients to enter much of their information in the waiting room or right at home.

Order Entry System:
Place, manage, and track orders and results from within the patient chart.

Flow Sheets & Growth Charts:
Automatically plot growth charts from vitals and other values such as labs and medications on flow sheets.

Document Management:
Offering more than documents scanning, you get drag and drop organization, external file access, and PDF support with SOAPware Standard's Document Management.

Health Maintenance System:
Streamline the generation of health maintenance reminder letters and improve quality of care by tracking health maintenance protocols for patients.

Tasks Management:
A full featured tasking system. Assign, sort, view, and remind staff taskings from a central location.

Prescribe, track, and refill medications electronically from within the patient chart - all without touching a pen or pad.

Patient Education Handouts:
Automatically generate and print patient education materials to enhance quality of care.


** NOTE: Not all PM Core features are available yet. Please defer to SOAPware for status and details on items.

SOAPware 2011 & 2012 is Certified for Meaningful Use by CCHIT as of 1/14/2011 | Certification Number: CC-1112-565910-1