What is the SOAPware Challenge?

The SOAPware Challenge is simple - we are so confident that our $1995 Standard Edition is the most affordable CCHIT-Certified EMR on the market that if you find a less expensive system from a competitor, we will match their price and cut it by 50%.

What is CCHIT?

CCHIT is a non-profit, recognized certification body that certifies EHR systems for functionality, interoperability, and security.

How does CCHIT Certification benefit me?

  • The SOAPware CCHIT-Certified EHR ensures that you have the functionality, interoperability, and security to allow the transition to electronic records -- without worrying about capabilities of the software.

  • There are many programs that provide financial assistance to practices implementing a CCHIT-Certified EHR. The following are just a few of these programs:

  • Use of a CCHIT-Certified EHR helps reduce the potential of malpractice suits and often provides a lower premium for malpractice insurance. Click Here for more details.

For more detailed information about how CCHIT Certification helps physicians, view the CCHIT Physician's Guide.

How do I take the challenge?

If you find a less expensive product, call our sales department at (800) 455-7627 ext 2. You can also email sales at sales@soapware.com and put "SOAPware Challenge" in the subject line.

Detailed Feature Chart

The Chart below illustrates some of the most popular functionality in SOAPware Standard.




Order Entry System

Place, manage, and track orders and results from within the patient chart.


Flow Sheets & Growth Charts

Automatically plot growth charts from vitals and other values such as labs and medications on flow sheets.


Document Management

Offering more than document scanning, you get drag and drop document organization, external file access, and PDF support.


Health Maintenance System

Streamline the generation of health maintenance reminder letters and improve quality of care by tracking health maintenance protocols for patients.


Task Management

A full featured task management system. Assign, sort, view, and remind staff of due tasks from a central location.


Basic Scheduling

Schedule appointments and recurring blocks for a single clinic.



Prescribe, track, and refill medications electronically from within the patient chart.


Patient Education Handouts

Automatically generate and print patient education materials to enhance quality of care.

View the new SOAPware 2008 Interactive Demo Here!                                      

SOAPware 2011 & 2012 is Certified for Meaningful Use by CCHIT as of 1/14/2011 | Certification Number: CC-1112-565910-1