Since its founding by a physician over two decades ago, SOAPware has been providing the healthcare community with the most affordable, robust, easy-to-use EHR products available on the market. Our ONC-ATCB Certified software is designed by medical providers and engineered in a real-world setting, making SOAPware the preferred EMR for nearly 30,000 professionals from over 70 specialties across the U.S. and around the world.

Only practitioners pay for a license - staff have access without the need for costly individual licenses.

Certified SOAPware technicians provide the Implementation, Training, and Support services needed to our users to facilitate a permanent implementation for your practice - no matter how big or small.

Meeting the needs of the customer is paramount. We strive to do so in a way that avoids the costly, confusing, and failing approaches taken by many vendors in the industry.

As you may have already heard, SOAPware 2012 is now Meaningful Use Certified (Certification Number: CC-1112-565910-1). SOAPware 2012 users may be able to qualify for up to $44,000-$64,000 in Medicare/Medicaid bonuses between 2011 and 2015.

Not only is SOAPware 2012 Certified, it's also one of the few products that has passed ALL of the Certification Criteria and ALL of the Clinical Quality Measures.    

What does that mean for SOAPware users? Unlike other products, SOAPware 2012 allows physicians (primary care AND specialists) to report on ANY of the 45 NQF measures. Specialists and primary care alike have more flexibility to report on measures that are meaningful to them.   For more information regarding our certification and Meaningful Use, please visit our Meaningful Use Resource Center.

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SOAPware 2011 & 2012 is Certified for Meaningful Use by CCHIT as of 1/14/2011 | Certification Number: CC-1112-565910-1