Lytec Past Features: Version 2013 and Prior Versions Feature List

Accounting / Billing:
Integration with BillFlash® from NexTrust®
Guarantor File
Statements Enhancements
Patient Merge Utitility
Billing Status Codes
Create Charge from Appointment Scheduler
Show Detail Payments in Charges and Payments
Year End Pay Report/Tax Report
Inactive Codes Warning
Auto Fee Write Off
Linked Transactions
Customized Patient/Insurance Aging
Complete Billing History
Track Patient Copays
Facility & Modifier Entry
Anesthesia Minute Billing
Charge Back Management
Automatic Superbill Numbering
Sales Tax Support
Custom Billing Fields
Billing Notes
Medigap Handling
Criteria Based Auto Write-off
Customizable Aging Parameters
ERA Posting
Establish Billing Cycle Parameters
Rules Based Collection Assignments
Actionable Collection Work List
Task/Date Driven Collection Workflow
On Demand Collection Statements
Simple Prepayment Entry
Collect Copayment from Scheduler
Attach Images to Patient Records
Statement Pre-reporting
Statement Printing Limits
New CMS 1500 Form
NPI Compatible
Instant and Actionable Claims Tracking
Real-time Claims Status Inquiry
On Demand Timely Filing Letters
Instant Appeal Letters
CCI/LMRP Editing (optional)
Integrated Credit Card Processing
Secure Online Statement Notification Delivery
Integrated Secure Online Statement Payment Processing
EFT, HSA, and FSA Transaction Processing
Note Transaction Type
Auto Generate Recall Appointment upon Transaction Code Entry
Real-Time Eligibility Inquiries
Column for Date Last Billed added to A/R Management Tool
Suppress Legacy ID Field Added to Insurance Carrier Screen
National Drug Code Fields Added to Billing Screen
User Preference Capability to Customize Collection Module Ages
Supports Eight Diagnosis Codes
Integrated Credit Card Processing

Electronic Transaction Reporting
Audit Reports
Non-Consecutive Value Filter on Reports
Month and Year to date totals on Financial Reports
Location and Facility Subtotals on Financial Reports
Year End Patient Payment Report/Tax Report
Prepayment Activity Zero Balance Suppression
Added Fields to Custom Reports
Custom Report Designer
Custom Form Fields
Patient Credit Balance Report
Patient Aging Report
Referring Physician Analysis
Monthly/Annual Summary
Sales Tax
Procedure Code Analysis
Diagnosis Code Analysis
Pending Claims
Inventory Sales
New Patient Report
Billing Reconciliation
Collections Activity
Generate Collection Mail/Merge File
Consolidated A/R
Payment Lagging Report
Crystal Reports® Engine - Built In
Advanced Reporting - Crystal Reports®
Designer (sold separately) + 3 New Reports
Optimized Report Generation with SQL
Save "Floating Date" Filter Settings
Schedule Crystal Reports®
Appointment Eligibility Analysis - Detail
Appointment Eligibility Analysis - Summary
Electronic Claims Analysis - Detail
Electronic Claims Analysis - Summary
New Filters on Waiting Claims, Pending Claims, TX Journal and Practice Management
Mouse Scroll Wheel Functionality added to Lytec Grids and Reports
Patient Package Asks if Superbill Printed Correctly
Print Custom Reports from Appointment Scheduler
Print Patient Package Reports from Preferences


Security Assignments Same for Insurance and Eligibility
Lock Security Feature

User Profiles
Function Based Security Rules
User Type Security Profiles
HIPAA Standard Identifiers
Automatic Logoff
Track Patient Consent
HIPAA Security Ready
Rules Based Password Management
User Access History Reporting
Patient Notes Security and Auditing

Refresh Button on Appointment Grid Enables Refresh Option for Current Information
Timer Setting Enables Automatic Appointment Refresh
Default Appointment Length
Color Coded Scheduler
Resource Based Scheduling
Reason Codes
Reminder Notes


Scheduler (Continued):
Display Patient/Insurance Balances
Wait List
Recall List
Easy Print Appointment Labels
Appointment Opportunity Report
Right Click Superbills
Easily Collect Copayment
On-Demand Electronic Eligibility Verification
Automated Appointment Recalls
User Customizable Views
Float/Dockable windows
Improved Repeating Appointment Processing
Customizable Appointment Window with Layout Editor
New Patient Package of Documents Added to Scheduler Pro
Delete Recall Appointments from Recall Lists
Print Custom Reports from Scheduler
Authorization Filters on Appointment Entry Exclude Expired/Used Billings (if selected)
Remove, Rearrange, Add columns to Recall List Screen
Remove, Rearrange, Add columns to Wait List Screen
Mobile Phone Field Available from Appointment Window
Appointment Template Sharing
Refresh Button in Appointment Grid
Timer Setting in Appointment Window

Revenue Management
Customizable Grids for Practice, Provider, Referring Physician, and Facility ID
Group and Individual Filing Logic in Provider Window
Multiple Receiver Batch Processing
Eligibility Data Entry and Processing Logic
Enhanced Search Filters in Payer ID Lookup Window
Security Assignments Same for Insurance and Eligibility

Customize Grid Entries for Insurance Carriers, Providers, Practice or Data Requirements
Logic of Group and Individual Filing moved from EDI receiver settings to Provider
Create Multiple Submitter IDs to Separately Batch by Submitter ID
Eligibility Data Entry and Processing Logic now Controls/Manages Payor IDs
Payor ID Lookup Window with Enhanced Search Filters to Add, Delete or Edit a Record.
Apply Payment Wizard
Modifier Management in Fee Schedule
Multilevel Insurance Carrier Management
Insurance Type Designations
Authorization/Referral Tracking
Auto Fee Schedule Update
Multi Location Fee Schedule Mgt
Fee Schedule Allowed/Expected Amt
Batch Eligibility Verification
Capture Scanned Images of Insurance Cards
Compress Images Option Available on Activities Menu
Backup and System Check Required for Users with Open Images before Compressing images
Include Images on Custom Reports Using Image Store
Revenue Management Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Processing Updates to comply with ANSI 5010 Standards for the Transmission of Specific Healthcare Transactions
Revenue Management Enhancements (to reduce the number of clicks to preform certain tasks, and simplify the setup and configuration process)

Ease of Use:
Performance Enhancements to System Logic and Processes
Ribbon Technology
DVD Install
Tab Based Windows
Multi Window Operations
Easy Data Look-up Windows
Cut, Copy & Past
Add/Edit/View Data on the Fly
Integrated Coding Assistance
Pop up Alerts/Messages
Narrative Notes
Establish Required Patient Fields
Set Tab Entry Order - Patient
Edit Look Up Dialog Grids
Customize Data within Look Up Grids
Define Your Own Billing Header
Save Report Filters
Short-cut Quick Reference Menu
Establish Required Insurance Fields
Access Collections On The Fly
Patient and Collections Notes Accessible via
Charges & Payments
Automate Report Generation
HTML Help w/Index of Auxiliary Products
Autofill Provider and Dates
Improved Active Row/Cursor Visibility
New Patient Fields
Billing Status Codes
Prepayment Balances Greater than '0' displayed in Bold Red on Charges/Payments Screen
Billing Status Codes
Create Charge from Appointment Scheduler
Show Detail Payments in Charges and Payments
Billing Inactive Codes

Special Features
Ribbon Technology
User Interface Skinning
Support of Windows 2008 Server in 32 Bit or 64 Bit
Archive Patient/Billing Records
Inventory Tracking
Backup Function
ERA - Built In
Rules Based Recall Appointments
Schedule Reports to Automatically Generate
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database
Integrated SQL Data Backup and Restore
Included ePrescribing Licenses through RelayHealth
Email Integration
Search by Custom Fields
Administrative Dashboard-Totals/Treds/Values in Real Time
Automatic Online System Update Screen for EDI and Other Add-on Products/Modules
Mouse Scroll Wheel Functionality Added to all List Screens and Reports
Patient Merge Utility