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Preparing for ICD-10 can be overwhelming. There’s a lot you need to know and do, but with so much information swirling around, it’s difficult to stay on top of it all. We’re dedicated to helping you navigate through the entire ICD-10 transition process—from planning to implementation and beyond. 

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New Features in Lytec 2014

Ready or not, ICD-10 is coming! Lytec 2014 includes many enhancements and changes to help your practice succeed with ICD-10.

With this release, you will be able to:
• Enter ICD-10 codes on your diagnosis list
• Set the code version by insurance carrier so you can continue to use ICD-9 codes for carriers who will not
  have transitioned by October 1, 2014
• Receive a notification if the wrong code is used for a carrier
• Use a mapping tool based on CMS’s General Equivalent Mappings (GEM) to translate some ICD-9 codes to  ICD-10

Contact our team to learn more about the new features in Lytec 2014. New features documents and system requirements are now available. Want Free ICD-10 training with Lytec 2014? You got it! McKesson and ICD-10 Experts Host a Free 4 Hour ICD-10 Workshop! Are you on track for ICD-10? Check out the ICD-10 Checklist and Timeline. Still have unanswered questions? Download ICD-10 Introduction, ICD-10 Transition Basics, ICD-10 Myths and Facts! Ask our team how today!

Lytec 2014 ICD-10 Webinar: What ICD-10 Means to You.

McKesson is partnering with Easy Business Software to deliver a special educational program. In this four- hour event, you’ll hear from McKesson product and ICD-10 experts on what your practice needs to do to prepare, and you’ll leave with some tools that will help you get started.

There is a lot of information about ICD-10 out there, probably too much. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. In this overview, we’ll highlight what’s important to small, independent providers like you, as we cover:

• What is ICD-10
Why the codes are changing
Which codes are changing and which are not
What is the scope of the impact
How it will improve healthcare

How to prepare your staff
Most people on your staff will be impacted by the new ICD-10 codes, but the details and the scope of the impact will vary based on an individual’s job role. In this session, we’ll discuss what you and your staff should expect during the transition. For example:

Clinicians will have increased documentation. requirements, along with revised order forms and re-worked superbills.
Billing staff must understand the new code set and software modifications.
Coding staff must increase their clinical knowledge and code in both ICD-9 and ICD-10.
Accounting must update vendor and payer contracts.

How to prepare for the financial impact
When you prepare your ICD-10 implementation budget, you should plan for significant expenses above and beyond the cost of upgrading your EHR/PM system. For example, have you considered:

How you will train your entire staff, including clinicians, administrative staff, billers and coders?
How your practice will manage staff shortages related to training?
How many patients you can realistically see in a day given the increased documentation demands?|
How you will manage cash flow if payments are late?

During this session, we’ll help you analyze the obvious and not-so-obvious ways ICD-10 will affect your practice’s bottom line. The more you know now, the fewer financial surprises you’ll run into in the coming months.

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AAPC Online ICD-10 Training for Lytec 2014 Users

Everyone who attends the Webinar Session will receive no-fee access to an online training module on the impact of ICD-10 created by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). As the nation’s largest training and credentialing organization for the business side of medicine, AAPC is committed to training providers on ICD-10.

Contact Easy Business Software today to prepare for ICD-10. Get Lytec with ICD-10 Readiness.

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