Lytec 2011 Medical Billing Software

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Can your practice afford to lose $5,000? How about $25,000?

That’s the risk you run if you are not able to submit your claims in the upcoming ANSI 5010 electronic standard. If you aren’t using ANSI 5010-compliant software, you may see an increase in claim rejections:

Say you submit $500,000 in claims each year.

A 1% increase in claim rejections can mean $5,000 in lost revenue to your practice.

A 5% increase in rejections is $25,000 in lost revenue!

Consider just a few of the new data fields required by ANSI 5010 that aren’t possible with older versions of Lytec®: Special federal programs now require additional information that states that a patient is part of the program in order to get funding. ANSI 5010 requires more information to be submitted for claims, which increases the need to submit additional documentation. Condition codes, which are specific to a patient, are now required on professional claims.

Without an ANSI 5010-compliant practice management system, how will you get this information to your clearinghouse? How will you be sure that your claims are correct?

The ANSI 5010-compliant Lytec 2011 system will become available in March 2011. However, you can take steps now to start preparing. If you purchase Lytec 2010 today, you will receive a 15% discount PLUS one year of software assurance for free. With software assurance, you will receive the ANSI 5010-compliant Lytec 2011 release at no additional charge when it becomes available.

Call us today to discuss your options for ANSI 5010!

Patient-friendly Statements
Lytec features complete integration with BillFlash® from NexTrust®, allowing you to upload electronic patient statements directly from Lytec. Not only does BillFlash produce professional patient statements – which are proven more likely to be paid – it can save your practice time and money in the process.

In addition, many Lytec screens enable you to directly access a patient statement on the BillFlash web site simply by clicking an eView icon or button. So you always have easy access to the exact statement that your patient received.

Revenue Management included at no additional charge
The Revenue Management feature in Lytec 2011 enables you to check for errors with pre-claim editing and ANSI validation before you submit your claims for payment. Revenue Management also checks for insurance eligibility before a service is performed. Finally, Revenue Management translates and displays the 835 electronic remittance advice (ERA) in an intuitive window that allows the biller to review the payment information, make changes if necessary, and post (or not post) each individual payment and adjustment.

Revenue Management now included at no additional charge – enables pre-claim editing, eligibility verification and intuitive remittance posting.

Configuration enhancements – simplify ERA processing
Claims are generated using customizable rules-based grids that allow your practice to easily address different carrier filing requirements. The flexibility of the grid system enables you to enter limitless claim submission scenarios, and it gives your practice the flexibility it needs to make changes to address future payer changes and government mandates.

Lytec 2011 Includes four new reports to track insurance eligibility verification for your patients and electronic claims submission to payors. The reports include.

·         Appointment Eligibility Analysis - Detail

·         Appointment Eligibility Analysis - Summary

·         Electronic Claims Analysis - Detail

·         Electronic Claims Analysis - Summary

ARRA Audit:
Auditing for ARRA has been updated in Lytec 2011. Auditing for ARRA has been simplified with a single check box to turn auditing on or off. No longer do you have to select each report individually. When ARRA Auditing is enabled, the following report types are audited:

·         All Crystal Reports - the user, use, and ranges of the report are part of the audit trail.

·         Custom Reports - the user, use, and ranges specified are part of the audit trail.

·         Exporting and Printing of Notes - all file export calls, including exporting to Quicken and QuickBooks Pro, as well as the four note types are audited.

BillFlash Electronic Patient Statement Integration:
Lytec 2011 is now fully integrated with BillFlash, enabling you to automatically upload electronic patient statements from within Lytec 2011 to BillFlash for statement processing. Within Lytec, you can control several aspects of what prints on your statements including:

·         Which credit cards you accept

·         Service messages that you want to print

·         Printing account summaries and aging

·         Printing up to six messages you want to appear of statements

HIPAA X12 ANSI Version 5010:
Lytec 2011 now includes the new HIPAA required ANSI 5010 electronic format. New fields have been included in Lytec to accommodate these changes.

Microsoft SQL Changes:

·         Lytec 2011 will now use SQL Server 2008 instead of SQL Server 2005

·         Lytec 2011 will now run on a single SQL instance that it does not control or manage

Revenue Management:

Several changes have been made to the functionality and workflow of Revenue Management including:

·         Reduce the number of times the user must click to achieve the desired result

·         Changes have been made to ERA processing to handle the upcoming switch to ANSI 5010

·         Several changes have been made to simplify the setup and configuration process