New in Lytec 2010 Medical


Software Assurance Plans

Software assurance includes product updates and upgrades for a registered customer. It does not include Support or Services. Software assurance starts on ship date of the software. Customers are automatically registered for software assurance when they purchase Lytec 2010. The first year of software assurance is free. The software assurance will automatically renew 13 months after the ship date. 

There a number of reasons why the software assurance option is being introduced. First and foremost is the value to customers as we are about to experience significant changes in the healthcare Industry including ANSI 5010, ICD-10, American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and potentially Healthcare Reform legislation. Assurance allows a customer to take advantage of the new Lytec 2010 features and benefits and still be covered for future releases and updates to the application for a low annual rate.

Software assurance will be discontinued upon the Lytec 2011 release. Act now to ensure your Three or Five year upgrade plan for ANSI 5010 and ICD 10 compliancy is in place now.

Lytec Performance Enhancement

Lytec 2010 features numerous internal enhancements to system logic and processes that decrease the time the application takes to complete key tasks. Though these changes are all in the background, you will experience the results of these unseen improvements in key areas that you use every day:

searching lists

using the Appointment Scheduler

generating claims and statements

launching the application

logging into a practice

loading practice data

Windows 2008 Server Support

Lytec 2010 now supports Windows 2008 Server (Standard) in either 32-bit or 64-bit for the server component of Lytec 2010 Client Server.  

New Flexible Grids for Claim Generation

Lytec 2010 introduces new user interface windows to better address different insurance filing requirements. This new layout gives you the flexibility to easily configure your setup to address various requirements when generating both print and electronic claims. The new implementation provides a flexible environment that you can quickly customize to reflect your claim processing needs by setting up different grid entries for insurance carriers, providers, your practice, or your data requirements (NPI, legacy, etc.) that you can apply and, if needed, quickly modify. These changes support creating as many custom scenarios that you need to successfully file claims.

New Electronic Claims, Eligibility Verification and ERA Processing

Lytec 2010 introduces a new, integrated electronic claims solution, the Revenue Management feature. This solution is offered in two forms: Revenue Management Advanced and Revenue Management Direct. Revenue Management Advanced uses the RelayHealth clearinghouse for electronic claims processing and eligibility verification. With Lytec 2010, there is no cost for this software option though there are clearinghouse charges.  

Ribbon Interface

Lytec 2010 introduces ribbon technology. Ribbons are a new type of Microsoft user interface (introduced with Office 2007) and streamline typical user actions by combining a command bar and a tab bar. This new combination creates a tab menu command bar located at the top of the application window. The various commands that appear on a tabbed menu appear across the top section of the window and are grouped by related function. This organization pattern takes up less application window space than traditional drop-down menus and submenus and enhances usability by grouping related commands closely together while minimizing the visual block to the main application window. To increase useable application window space, the interface also uses a customizable quick access toolbar. This toolbar displays frequently used commands and replaces the toolbar used in previous versions of Lytec. The new ribbon layout utilizes the traditional commands from previous versions of Lytec but groups them by related function. NOTE: this new feature did not change the standard keystroke shortcut combinations for features such as launching the Charges and Payments window (CTRL + B). You can also use keyboard shortcuts to access commands on the tab menus or on the toolbar.  

User Interface Skinning

Take advantage of Lytec skinning to customize the look and feel of the application. A skin is a user interface template that applies a custom appearance to the application background, windows, title bars, buttons, labels, etc. Lytec 2010 features a default skin, which you can quickly change, on-the-fly without restarting the application, by previewing over 12 options and then selecting a new skin. 


Lytec 2010 introduces new eligibility data entry and processing logic that gives you greater control and the ability to manage you Payers IDs (the enhanced payer ID management also applies to insurance payer IDs, not just those used for eligibility verification). The flexible implementation lets you define when you check for updates and gives you the ability to update a Payer ID, which greatly reduces potential downtime and increases your ability to address eligibility verification issues. A key element of this change is enhanced system performance--eligibility does not automatically check for updates, avoiding kicking off an unintentional update cycle. Also, when you installed Lytec 2010, the application included an initial payer ID data set which also avoids a longer delay between the time you install the software and the time you use it. And when you do check for updates, the new logic only pulls updated/changed information, saving you more time. Adding to the performance enhancement is the new Payer ID lookup window that deploys enhanced search filters with the ability to add, edit, and delete a record (usersupplied Payer IDs) with no template editing required.

Appointment Window Refresh Option and Refresh Timer Setting

In a multi-user environment, use the Refresh button, a new feature in Lytec 2010, before scheduling an appointment. Clicking the button refreshes the Appointment grid (all view options Detail, Week, Multi, or Templates) and displays the most current information. Using this feature helps you accurately allocate and manage your appointments in a multi-user environment.

DVD Install

Lytec 2010 sets a new standard in ease of installation. The product features a new DVD-based installation that replaces the CD-based installation. Using the new type of media reduces the amount of application disks to one) and reduces the installation time—the installation routine no longer copies needed installation files to your desktop—and your involvement. You no longer need to swap disks as the installation progresses. After the initial series of installation screens the installation runs without further intervention from you, which means less time hovering over your computer while the installation progresses. 

Lytec 2010 Lock Security Enhancement

When the application is locked (Tools, Screen Display, Lock Screen), you cannot close Lytec (even by clicking Close on the Taskbar), or minimize, maximize, or restore, etc. You have to log back in order to unlock the system and complete tasks like this. This method help protect data integrity since changes could be lost if the application was closed without returning to it by another/unauthorized user.

For more information on Lytec 2010 and what these new enhancements mean for your practice, please call us at 800-645-2962 or click here