Purchase Policy

The terms for all fee based services are clearly described on this web site and through ongoing promotions. Furthermore, it is the client's responsibility to know which package were purchased, as well as the terms described at the time of purchase and to faithfully pay the monthly or annual fee. Our systems keep detailed tracking logs to prove authorized purchases. All charges are FINAL.

There will be NO REFUNDS for any payments made regardless of the subsequent service provided or whether such service has met the expectations of the client. In the event of a credit card fee chargeback by a client, Easy Business Software will rebuke the chargeback with securely documented information proving the validity of the charge. The client will then become liable for all associated chargeback and service fees and penalties - plus an additional amount of not less than $500 in each instance for administrative fees, court costs, etc.

In the event a client does not pay these fees within 30 days, the charges will be turned over to a collection agency or attorney. Easy Business Software will file civil charges against any party who charges back a credit card payment for any reason. Chargebacks severely damage Easy Business Software and its ability to provide quality products and services. THIS POLICY IS DESIGNED TO PROTECT EASY BUSINESS SOFTWARE AND OUR CLIENTS.

In isolated cases only, the end user may be entitled to a refund of 85% of the purchase price excluding all consulting services, taxes, shipping and/or other fees. 15% of the purchase price excluding all taxes, shipping and/or other fees is a restocking fee issued by Easy Business Software.